Design Management

We offer a complete design management package for any scale of project, co-ordinating any sub contract design and representing your company at design meetings with clients and architects.

We are happy to attend site on your behalf to overcome any unseen issues, and work with your fitting team to find a solution.


Design Drawings

We can offer design drawings, or full scale 3D models. We will take architects drawings, engineer drawings, secondary structure drawings and use these to create a working accurate detail to submit to clients or architects.

With a high level of accuracy because we always take the time to import other trades details and not just relying on an architect’s intent drawing, you can always expect a very accurate design from start to finish.

We can produce fabrication drawings with all the necessary information required for fabricators to work to, from material gauges, gloss and micron levels. We also go the extra step and provide marked up plans and elevations to assist the site team with locating any fabricated item.



We can offer a consultancy service, reviewing drawings before they are sent to the client or architect to ensure out sourced design is correct and there are no fundamental issues with the design.