All our schedule drawings provide all the information required to fabricate the frames from, also ensuring the fitting team can work from the same drawings, and obtain setting out and datum levels from one single drawing 

We always ensure all areas that require individual details are provided, even if the only change is a RWP  or a setting out dimension, we don’t want to leave anything to chance. Our details include datum levels, setting out dimension from grid and fixing type as a minimum. Coming from a site back ground I think its important not to cluster the drawing with notes, but ensure the information the site team actually need is always present.

Below is an example of drawings taken from a commercial building we done using Aquarians brick slip system. From the elevation drawings below a full brick slip & fixing schedule was provided. We can then co-ordinate with any other scopes of work on the project, the project below has fully co-ordinated drawings for the brick slips, SFS and glazing package

We can provide steel frame structure drawings. Below is an example of SFS drawings we provided for Bishops Weald project. From these drawings we provided a full list of materials required, including fixings and support angles.

We can offer planing drawings for private home owners. Below is a couple of examples of drawings we’ve done for clients